C - Committed

H - Honest

I- International

L - Leap

L - Learn

I - Idea

T - Technology

Chill iT all started with a cup of coffee while the founders were talking about how to solve the issue of fast business growth and they found the major two key points! First is the budget to make a website and Second is the time! Most of the businesses want to go online asap although the huge administrative and financial burden makes them wait longer to make it happen.

The answer to this problem was simple… divide the work & the budget to make the newcomers at ease!

We shared our ideas worldwide and asked for opinions to solve this issue and our call was heard from different parts of the world. Brilliant and experienced minds came together to form a one-stop solution for the newcomers to the ‘web world’!. We are honest and transparent with our clients and will only provide what the client needs. By which we save time and the client saves money… The best solution for both parties.

Our promise to you!!!

Why Chill IT

Information & Planning

Our customer management team will set up the first meeting with you. In our meeting, we listen to what you want and make a detailed note of the requirements. On the next working day, you will be assigned with an IT team that will be solely responsible for your project. We will recheck everything and only after your confirmation, your project will start.

Coding & Testing

In this phase, the developers start working on the project. The client service will be available always to keep you informed about the updates. Once the project is done, our quality assurance team will start testing the website/software so that we can guarantee a quality website at the delivery date. Once the quality testing phase is finished you will be notified to test the website yourself. Any concerns you may have will be taken as the highest priority.


On the final delivery date, you get to choose if you want to meet us personally or have an online meeting to hand over the project. We want you to be satisfied with what you are getting and that is why we highly recommend setting up a physical meeting to raise any last-minute concerns you may have about the project. Moreover, you will get a free 2 hours session on how to use your website if you are in need of any assistance with it.

“Talent wins games, but teamwork & intelligence win champions”

- Michael Jordan

Our Team

Chill IT is a team of internationals based in Belgium. The constant harmony of work brings great minds together while delivering a project at its earliest. Meet the incredible and dedicated teams who are working to get your business online in the shortest time possible.


Director & Head of Administration


Director & CTO


Director & Head of Sales


Head of Project Management


Lead Developer & Server Admin


Copywriter & Administrative Support


Development Lead

Asifur Rahman

Content Specialist